Friday, July 4, 2008

Arguments for the Kingdom of Serbia (7)

Dušan Kovačević, member of the Crown Council

Monarchy is the best, the most realistic and the most practical option for Serbia. Serbia must be established on the foundations which she had always lied on. If we look at the very practical parameters, like marketing and branding of a country, at this moment there is not a single person in Serbia who could phone any relevant world leader, especially in the countries with the same form of government (and these are the wealthiest countries in Europe), in which our Crown Prince has both family and friendly ties. Serbia needs to be a modern, democratic country. Based on my contacts and my friendship with the Crown Prince, I don’t know anybody who is a bigger democrat in Serbia. That means not a monarchy in some outdated form, but the type which exists in the northern European countries, like Sweden. For me, it simply has a nice sound to it – the Kingdom of Serbia.

Milorad Pavić, member of the Crown Council

Re-establishment of monarchy would be followed by establishment of much better relations with the international community, and it would be immediately clear what kind of country we were. Serbia would have a very modern diplomacy, because its head of state would be someone who knows the world, and who is known in the world. I think that our so far experience has shown that Serbia hasn’t found its way yet, that it is still searching, especially if one looks at foreign relations. Re-establishment of monarchy would make it much simpler, and it would also be a historical rectification. Let us not forget that the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was destroyed by fascist in 1941, and that the King had to leave the country to avoid captivity. And, on the other hand, when the communists defeated fascists, they forbade the king and the royal family to return to the country ad illegally took over the government. Therefore, on the one hand, we would restore the system that was illegally abolished, and so much time has gone by since then. On the other hand, let us ask ourselves if we ever had any other system throughout our history. Serbs had always had kings, and it is only natural for them. There are several countries in Europe today with kings as heads of states. King is a democratic and non-partisan institution. He guarantees unity and harmony between government branches. We have a king, and if some other countries had one, they would embrace him firmly.

As for the chances of re-establishment of monarchy, the polls show that about 30 percent of the people are for that direction of Serbia’s future. Such percentage could be compared with the rating of major political parties, but we do not do that, because the Crown is above politics. However, politics are constantly changing, and no one knows what tomorrow brings. Of course, Alexander II has always been against anti-democratic parties. He has never been hiding it, and he will continue such orientation. By his birth, and by his ties all over the world, he naturally takes such attitude, which makes it easy to follow. Nobody can tell the future, but if Serbia has a choice, it has a chance to save herself from the undefined status, by re-establishment of the kingdom.

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