Thursday, August 28, 2008

203rd anniversary of the Ruling Council of Serbia

Anniversary of the foundation of the Ruling Council of Serbia was celebrated today in the memorial complex in Veliki Borak, in Belgrade’s municipality of Barajevo. The hosts of marking the 203rd anniversary were Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Ministry of Defense and the Municipality of Barajevo. Their representatives, together with the representatives of the City of Belgrade and NGOs laid wreaths at the monument to Sima Marković, one of the leaders of the First Serbian Uprising, in whose house the Council was founded. The Ruling Council of Serbia, the first form of executive branch of government in Serbia during the Uprising, was founded on August 27, 1805, and its establishment was one of the most significant moves of the Uprising leaders, headed by Supreme Leader Karadjordje. The Council had existed for a few years and its functioning as the first permanent governing body, had paved the way of restoration of Serbian state after centuries long Ottoman rule.


Raifʻhār Doremítzwr said...

What form did this Ruling Council take? Was occupation of its offices transmitted by heredity?

Монархистичка Иницијатива said...

It had 12 elected representatives from 12 then existing districts in Serbia. Six of them had offices corresponding to today's ministers: of defense, finance, justice, education, religion and foreign relations. The offices were not hereditary.