Monday, October 13, 2008

Fascists, communists and monarchists

Ivan Janković

There is no doubt that the Nazis are abusing patriotism in a loathsome and obvious way. But what is the „anti-fascists“ answer to that? Not rejecting Milošević’s criminal politics by relying on the ideas of capitalism, liberal democracy, Serbia’s inclusion in the West etc, but by returning under the wing of titoist communism. Marching under the red star flag and signing on with the continuity of a totalitarian communist regime as a paradigm of „resistance to fascism“ are their only responses to the Nazi challenge. This represents a total moral and political bankruptcy of Serbian „liberal“ elite. It did not go bankrupt, as the „velvet nationalists“ claim, because it was globalist, anti-nationalist, and too pro-western, but because it was not pro-western enough; because it allowed itself to use the symbolic continuity of a criminal regime as the foundation of belonging to the progressive and normal world.

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Καραϊσκάκης said...

Ivan what happened to your life and you end up in that mess? Be serious...