Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I am a monarchist (7) (8)

Damir Medvešek

I, too, am pro monarchy! I’m a Croat, and I was in the war against Serbia, but in my opinion that war was plain stupidity, on account of which our two countries now have a problem. Our politicians act as if it is possible to live without each other, but we just can’t. Terrible!

I would say it like this: monarchy is simply more agreeable to me. And why is it mentioned as an alternative at all? What republic? Looking from here, from Croatia, I most naturally see Serbia as a monarchy!

John Bilkerton

I admit I am a bit of a traditionalist, but I really do think it’s in Britain’s interests to keep its royal family. Now, I don’t go all bleary-eyed when I see the queen on television. I don’t even write “the queen” with a capital ‘q’ like many people do. What’s more, I think some members of the royal family have made fools of themselves. But I do think a nation needs a rallying point, and obviously a nation needs a head of state. The queen, or king, is, in my opinion, the best rallying-point we could possibly have, for the simple reason that she or he is above politics. We all know they are neutral. They never vote. They never say one political choice is better than another. They simply mind their own business, and do what they are supposed to do. Well, not Prince Charles of course – he is always telling us his views on architecture and genetically modified food and heaven knows what else, but the wretched man has to occupy his mind with something, hasn’t he? But the queen never steps out of turn. She knows she has no political power and she respects that.

The very thought of an elected president horrifies me. There are far too many elections already for a start. Secondly, I do not see how an elected president could possibly inspire the same degree of loyalty that the queen inspires. When the queen visits some small town in some out-of-the-way place, the people stand for hours waiting to get a good view of her, and to see her monarchical smile! As I said, I’m not much of a one for that sort of thing, but I respect those who feel that way.

The queen inspires …well, the only word I can think of is “love”. Yes, the people love her. So, let’s keep the monarchy and all the traditions that go with it. Modern life is often colourless and most of the celebrities of our day are a pretty weird lot: pop stars, film stars and overpaid sports stars. They do all sorts of stupid things. The queen, on the other hand, sails through the storms of life with a serenity and gentility that fills me with admiration.

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