Thursday, March 26, 2009

Prince Emanuele Filiberto wins the national vote

The scion of the House of Savoy has succeeded where his ancestors have failed. Prince Emanuele Filiberto decidedly won a national referendum, taking 75 percent of the vote.

Alas, Emanuele Filiberto did not reclaim the throne his grandfather lost after a national referendum in 1946. He merely claimed first place, along with Russian ballerina Natalia Titova, in the nationally televised "Dancing with the stars" competition.

But victory was sweet for the much maligned Prince of Piedmont and Venice, who decided to take part in the talent show in order that the Italians might better get to know him. "I want to prove that I know how to start from scratch, that I am able to work hard", he said. Emanuele Filiberto, 36, did more than that. He captured the nation, beating out younger stars Andrea Montovolo and Ola Karieva.

The gamble the Prince took, paid off in other ways too. Hardly a week has gone by since the start of the talent show in January without Emanuele Filiberto appearing in some way in the national media. And as a first for the notoriously infighting House of Savoy: most publicity was on a positive note.

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