Monday, May 4, 2009

Arguments for the Kingdom of Serbia (9)

Philip McCray

The statement about the possibility of a sudden dictatorship taking hold is a very valid one. Serbia's political environment is simple too unstable with the nationalist conflicts which simply won't go away. A monarch who is respected by the majority can be a strong aid to democracy. While Monarchs originally stood as the bars against democracy now, more often than not, Western Monarchs are the guardians of democracy.

Take for instance King Juan Carlos of Spain. He is not only credited with making the transition from Francoism to Democracy a smooth one but his speech on the night of the 1981 coup is seen as what truly ended it and restored Spain back to calm. I firmly believe the HRH the Crown Prince Aleksandar Karadordevic would do the same. He is a man of strong, fine character and a very vocal proponent of democracy. His role as Head of State would allow him to act as a Steward of Democracy in Serbia, protecting it from those who would do it harm by unifying his people under one symbol, one Sovereign who would lead his people in the direction of peace and prosperity and away from chaos and its war torn past.

Let him be the beginning of a new era for Serbia. Let Serbia's century of violence come to a close by restoring what was lost when it started. Allow the Karadordevic Dynasty to be the alpha and the omega of Serbian chaos. They were there before the decent into chaos, let them be there to lead them out of it and into a brilliant new future!

God Save Serbia and God Save Her King!

May His Reign Come Soon and Long May He Reign!