Sunday, June 7, 2009


Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander II and Crown Princess Katherine attended the Susan G. Komen Global Race for the Cure® in Washington D.C. on Saturday.

US Vice President Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, are Honorary Co-Chairs of the Global Race for the Cure. Dr. Biden, a long-time advocate for breast health education and outreach, delivered a speech to more than 50,000 runners and walkers during the Race’s opening ceremonies.

“My husband Joe and I are thrilled to participate in the ongoing effort to raise awareness, fund research and empower people throughout the world in the fight against breast cancer,” said Dr. Biden.

Following the opening speech by HRH Crown Prince Alexander II, HRH Crown Princess Katherine in her speech said:
„If you wonder, at the dawn of this beautiful day, whether what you are doing really has an impact on the entire world… If you wonder whether the steps you take in your nation’s capital today will have an impact in capitals across the globe… If you wonder whether the lives you are saving in the United States will translate into lives saved in Serbia, or Ghana, or Brazil…then wonder no more.“
Ambassador Nancy Brinker said:” Nearly thirty years ago, before breast cancer took her life, my sister - Susan G. Komen - made me promise her that I would do everything in my power to find a cure for this horrible disease. Through my travels as Ambassador, I meet thousands of women who still need our help. I promise them that they will not be abandoned or forgotten”.

The race was also attended by the Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood, actress Sarah Chalke, CBS’s The Early Show anchor Maggie Rodriguez, and W*USA9 morning anchor Andrea Roane, as well as Dr. Branko Terzic, member of the Crown Council and great friend of the Royal Couple.

The Komen Global Race for the Cure marked 20th annual running of the Komen Race for the Cure Series in Washington, D.C., which was formerly known as the Komen National Race for the Cure. Komen for the Cure gathered more than 50,000 people to participate in the Global Race and raised over $6.1 million.

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herbprof said...

Excuse me for being a wet blanket but have you ever thought that if you added up all the money collected by modern medicine from honest Americans to find a cure it would amount to hundreds of billions of dollars and I am not even counting the money the government gives them. The reason I say that is because they have not found a cure in 60 years, something is very wrong here. I wonder if they are even trying to find a cure?