Friday, July 17, 2009

We Should Restore Monarchy in the USA!

by Stephan Kinsella July 2, 2009

The celebration of the 4th of July as if it's a libertarian holiday is a bit much to bear. Secession from Britain was a mistake. It's easy enough to realize that the Constitution was not some libertarian achievement as conservatives and libertarians delude themselves into thinking. The Declaration of Independence in 1776 led to all the standard evils of war and raising an army – in the words of Jeff Hummel, "unfunded government debt, paper money, skyrocketing inflation, price controls, legal tender laws, direct impressment of supplies and wide-spread conscription." Hmm, doesn't sound very libertarian to me. Stealing, conscripting, enslaving, murdering. The glorification of democracy. The expansion of empire. The entrenching of corporatist interests with the state. The substitution of traditional order with worship of the democratic state.

Monarchy isn't perfect, as Hoppe argues, but the move from monarchy to democracy was not "progress" as even some libertarians have mistakenly believed (as Hoppe notes, "although aware of the economic and ethical deficiencies of democracy, both Mises and Rothbard had a soft spot for democracy and tended to view the transition from monarchy to democracy as progress"). When I suggest it was a mistake to secede from Britain, libertarians – brainwashed by both Saturday morning Schoolhouse Rock propaganda (No More Kings; Fireworks; Three-Ring Government; The Preamble) and Randian pro-America mythology – freak out. "You want us to have a king? How terrible?!" or "But Britain is more socialist than we are!" Well, first, I don't want us to have a king. I'd prefer we have no state: no kings or congresscritters or revenuers. But we have a king now, under another name; he can tax and murder us, just like the dreaded monarchian boogey-man; the state is overlord of all our property, as in feudalism. And rejoining socialist Britain now would be terrible – but would the European monarchies have become democratic socialist states if America had never left Britain? Our secession led to a constructivist new utopian order based on a "rational, scientific" paper document and the rejection of traditional, unwritten, limits on state power, thus setting the world on the path of democracy and democratic tyranny, and all the evils of the 20th Century-WWI, WWII, the Holocaust, the Cold War, Communism, Naziism, Fascism, Great Depressions I and II. America's reckless utopianism corrupted its mother state, rendering it unfit to rejoin. But had we never left? One percent tax paid to a distant King over the ocean sound appealing, anyone?

If I didn't hate states and flags so much I might just fly the ole Union Jack this Saturday!


frederic said...

an american citizen?you are not aware of the correct(Real)thirteenth Amendment?

Square said...

I tottally agree. I have been fighting for that for several years now. Although I think I have better, and more, arguments supporting monarchy over democracy. Feel free to email me at for anything towards this end

Jake said...

I believe that a monarchial-democratic system of government would even work, where there's a monarch with supreme power, but he is obliged to attend (MUST attend) a council meeting with representatives of the people so they are forced to at least hear the opinions of the people. Just because that would be the case it wouldn't mean a monarch would have to ENACT the will of the people, but at least in that way, the people don't have to worry about their will being thrown down the drain as much.

But yeah, I really would love to see the establishment of monarchy in the world again, preferably with me as king. ;)

Anonymous said...

HRH Franklin said...

As America's Premier Alpha Monarchist, We stand ready to serve as King. This Molloy person wants America to go back to the Commonwealth, a stupid idea considering that our former King, George III, effectively abdicated the "American" crown by abandoning us, His children, to a cruel world. Britain is now overrun with Islamo-Fascists, and (after the Woolwich shootings) are afraid to let their OWN SOLDIERS wear their uniforms on their OWN SOIL. Plus, the Royal Family allows one of their inane princes to babble on about Global cooling/warming/change/chaos or whatever the hell fools call this global HOAX nowadays. This is what Molloy wants us to return to?? America wants and deserves a home-grown leader as king. We stand ready to serve.