Monday, January 18, 2010

HRH Crown Prince Alexander on "One on One"


Interview of HRH Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia with Riz Khan
for One on One,
2 January 2010

Is there something that you see as a specific benefit that the country would get from restoring monarchy?

Absolutely! I think you have a cutting out a person who would be a member of a political party, a president of a political party and replacing him with a person who’s neutral, not a member of any party, not a president of a party and a meeting point and a point of continuity. This is no disrespect to a current president – who may be become a prime minister – we’d have the same politicians as we have now, but we’d have minus one. So, they’d have continuity and no argument.

What do you feel was the biggest risk trying to go home before 2001?

Games, incredible games of the intelligence service. Inventions, the media were state controlled; there was a small independent media who were working very hard, they were beaten up by the state, and the state media would invent all sort of stories that I never did or my family never did, and in fact, it worked against them, eventually. But it was very annoying, I must admit.

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Joseph said...

Many blessings to the royal family. When will Serbia draft a new constiution that reinstates the family's role officially?

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