Sunday, April 4, 2010

Arguments for the Kingdom of Serbia (10)

28 March 2010


Some say the idea of monarchy has not yet been presented in a proper way to the Serbs, while others consider it to be outdated. Is there any blame on the side of the Crown Council for either of that?

Serbia had been a kingdom for „only“ eight centuries, which obviously wasn’t enough for the idea of monarchy to be properly presented and rooted more deeply. With the republic, however, it is the other way round. And it is no wonder, when we know that the kingdom was founded by Nemanja and Saint Sava, and the republic was founded by Josip Broz Tito. Tito is Stefan Nemanja of the Republic of Serbia. When Serbia became a kingdom, it was one of the most important dates in her history, and many studies have been written about it. None have been written about how it ceased to be a kingdom and lost her crown, as if it never had anything, or lost anything. And Serbia didn’t lose just the crown, it lost her head as well.

Today’s Serbia is a perfect example of what a country that had never been a republic looks like trying to be one. It is a republic which celebrates and praises only what was achieved while it was a kingdom. The biggest problem is that we have our own dynasty. If only the Duchess of Cornwall, if not Prince Charles himself, or Prince Albert of Monaco, or at least Carla Bruni or David Copperfield were pretenders to the Serbian throne, the nation would pull itself together overnight!

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