Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Danas, 31 December 2010

by Prince Alexander Karageorgevitch

"I firmly believe in the benefits of Constitutional Monarchy in Serbia. We need stability, unity and continuity.

Arguments in favor of that can be seen everywhere. Look around you, and if you were hoping and fighting for that, then you are a happy person, and I congratulate you on that! But, look again, and see how many other people feel the same way! I am afraid that you won’t see much of them. If you believe that Republic is cheaper than Constitutional Monarchy, make another calculation. If you believe that a citizen makes a greater influence in a Republic than in a Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy, reconsider what polity is present in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain, Japan, Australia, Canada, New Zealand …"


Anonymous said...

Yes the monache should come back. when England and malaysia and Bruine and saudu arabia (muslims) have monach. if we christians want to survive we need the monach back in Europe or Serbia.

God Bless
Dr Anthony(Benedictine Oblate)

Unknown said...

Its very inetersting to see the enormously innovative most-Visionary & with an extraordinary-Missionary approach in Globally-Retstucturing our socities by causing the Advent & WelcomingBack the Royalist&Monarchists systems of Governing our PlanetEarth, TheWorld & Humanity.
Which may turn out to be -
1) MuchAdo-@-Nothing &
2) may do no more than cause-early-dawning & only bring about TheWWW-III, sooner than later, &
3) if this is what is DEFINATELY-going to result out of all above then its really worth to seriously review&rethink what is the BestNext-WorldOrder ought to be.
from -
Mr.Atul KOTA
(alumni'89/ www.aaschool.ac.uk)

Anonymous said...

Mr Kota
Europe belongs to Christians not to non Christians . the none christian get education from we catholic then kill the Christians in India . Your RSS. I am Roman catholic India. even in India all non Christians .want to join our Institutions . see Mother Theresa . what the non Christians given we Christians take our Blood. you forget why you are in the UK . take money back to India. Yes the Monach will come back when the Knights are still around History will repeat. there are more non Christians becoming Christians.
Our education system is Good but Christianity is no good . what a Joke.Yes it will be one order the order of Catholicism.

benedictine oblate

Anonymous said...

Serve the lord . Its call of the lord . stop the terrorist Islam . support the monarch. support the 2012. The monarch must lead the way, see the faith of Serbia . see this attachment.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6B0MZi4cpQ&NR=1

God Bless
Benedictine Oblate order.

Anonymous said...

H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth Time Lapse


Anonymous said...

i completely for a restoration of the monarchy and if needed your majesty i will be their to help you in any way that i can. personally i think any monarchy wrongfully removed like Serbia and Romania deserve to be restored.

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Anonymous said...

I totally support the return of the monarchy to Serbia and I agree with what the king has said. Now-a-days, not even the politicians in a republic run the country, but the businesses and banks. A constitutional monarchy, such as that of Spain and England, regerdless how much it hurts, is the highest form of govern, and countries that portray to be a beacon of democracy, like the United States of America, don't fall in this category.

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