Friday, June 13, 2008

Arguments for the Kingdom of Serbia (1)

Prof. Dr. Predrag Palavestra, member of the Crown Council, September 2001:

„In the unsettled and uneasy circumstances that we still live in, the Crown might, step by step, present itself as a legitimate conveyor of the necessary changes in the national politics of the Serbs, as an acceptable solution to the long Serbian drama. For many citizens who are tired of overthrows and defeats, of bullies and partisanship, the Crown might be the appropriate form of the stability of the state. The form based on democratic principles of the rule of law, on steady and sensible government, on simple and consistent principle of the equality of all citizens, respect of every individual and good management of the country and the people.”

April 2002:

„Urban strata are the first to seek stability, for they want a better life at their homes. They don’t want to renounce their national identity and dignity, and despite everything, out of pure patriotism and with apparent risk and sacrifice, they stay in the country in order to achieve an open democratic society, rule of law and peaceful technological and economic reintegration of Serbia into world courses and European civilization. Stability, guaranteed by the Crown, above all political divisions and ideological zeal, in the state ruled by law and democratic principles, might attract to the Crown all those citizens who by inertia say that monarchy is obsolete form of government and that history never repeats.”

„The Crown should have support of the civil society adherents. The Crown stands above the divisions and does not lower itself to the street; it represents the principle of stability, not games in the power struggle. The Crown does not enter political and party competition, but is generally acceptable solution for everyone, in a settled parliamentary country ruled by law, and a democratic society.”

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