Friday, June 6, 2008


This paper explores monarchies through a corporate branding lens. It is based on extensive field interviewing of individuals with knowledge and experience in what we (not they) term managing the Crown as a brand, including senior members of the Swedish Royal Court and the Swedish Royal Family. It also draws from literature regarding monarchies across a range of disciplines beyond management; we found no previous brand–related literature on the topic.

The principal questions we examined were:
  • What makes the Crown (monarchy) a brand (especially one similar to a corporate brand)?
  • How has the positioning of the monarch and monarchy (the Crown) evolved over time in terms of relationships with the nation and the people?
  • What are the essential attributes of the Crown as a brand what we term the royal 5Rs?
  • What are the core values and the brand promise of a monarchy, its covenant with its people?
  • What roles can communications play in supporting/defending the Crown?
  • How are concepts from branding employed to build and protect the Crown?
  • How does and should a monarchy judge How are we doing?

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