Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I am a monarchist (5)


My interest in the monarchy began at age seventeen while I was researching my family's English heritage. I found the history of the monarchy in Britain to be fascinating. From the ancient rituals to the national debates on the institution itself, the monarchy was fast becoming my favorite topic.

When Diana, Princess of Wales died in 1997, it was an event that brought an enormous amount of attention to the personal lives of the country's royal family. It was then that I looked more closely at this dynasty. What were they really all about?

Through much reading and research, I discovered that the Royal Family was an incredible living representation of history in Britain. I also found that Her Majesty the Queen is a marvelous lady who is tirelessly dedicated to crown and country, and dedicated to her Commonwealth.

The Queen has served as my role model in many ways - Her Majesty's inner strength, dedication, and patience has inspired me in my own life.

I am currently working in Special Education. I will soon be certified in teaching and I am working my way towards a Master's Degree in history. I would like to become a history professor one day. I am finishing my Bachelor's Degree in Communications Media: Graphic Design this year.

(Mandy has put her design skills to good use, designing a first day cover for HM Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday Royal Mail stamp issue. She also designed stamp covers celebrating HM the Queen & The Duke of Edinburgh's 60th wedding anniversary, and the visit by Her Majesty to Milton-Keynes for their 40th anniversary celebrations.

The limited edition covers and their special postmark are being issued by Britain’s 'secret little post office' at Bletchley Park. The stamp covers are available directly from Chapman and Mitchell Covers at Bletchley Park Post Office.As Mandy put it „It has been a joy to work with Bletchley Park in creating this first day cover. I thank them for giving me this chance to further express my admiration for the Queen, who is my inspiration for so many things in life“.)

Queen Rania of Jordan once said, „In drawing up our national strategy, we have to be sensitive to our traditions, values, and culture.“ This statement certainly applies to the United Kingdom as well. The monarchy is a huge part of Britain's traditions, values, and culture. It is an integral part in the balance of old and new. To ignore this fact would be to dismiss the island nation's important attributes and historical roots.

What Monarchy Means

The monarchy has been a permanent fixture in Britain for over a thousand years. It is celebrated as a solid foundation on which we can rely. The Royal Family, with its duties, traditional ceremonies and pageantry does so much for morale! It brings together people from all walks of life, united in pride for a magnificent Queen. She and her institution are above politics, and can therefore embrace a wide range of people. Her Majesty and her family are real people, and go out among their subjects not as some campaign personality, but as themselves.

A royal person as head of state does a lot of good for the nation's prestige and standing. As the Queen has proved, being trained from birth to respect tradition and fullfill one's duties to the nation is honorable. The people love and admire her for her devotion, and feel pride at having a knowlegable, hard-working head of state.

Providing successors who do the same is also a secure way of maintaining the country's well-being. Monarchs build on the achievements of their predecessors, and at the same time make sure they provide their own heirs with proper training and guidance. Trained to be a head of state all their life, there is no question that the eventual successor would be most experienced. And the longer they actually reign, the more firsthand experience will come. And the preparation of the heir is not for a singular task or vested interest - the training encompasses all aspects of the kingdom.

Addressing The Critics

Many people think that being pro-monarchy automatically means anti-progress. That monarchists are either antiquated, elitist, or merely wistful of times past. This is not so. Many monarchists and staunch supporters of the British Royal Family are progressive, intelligent, and open-minded people. We feel that Monarchy represents the best of what our culture has: belief in God, tradition, patriotism, and family. We wholeheartedly support these ideals, and Her Majesty who upholds them. These values are what will make progress, not deter it.

Many monarchists know that there are always two sides to an issue, and address criticisms honestly and openly. We recognize that the monarchy must adapt in certain ways for its ever-changing society, and monarchy supporters must help with the adaptation. We must see to it that our royal family serves the nation in the best way possible, yet stay rooted in the ways that have served the country well for many years.

It is my hope that the Monarchy of Britain shall continue to prosper. We as monarchists will continue to preserve and celebrate the Queen's lifelong work and the Monarchy's vital role in this world.