Friday, September 26, 2008

Why I am a monarchist (6)

Nada Pavković, senior undergraduate student at the School of Law, University of Belgrade

Looking at all the European countries, since Serbia is a European country, and looking at constitutional parliamentary monarchies, throughout history, until the present, we can see that these countries have always been at the top, I mean in every aspect of social development, starting from political to cultural, or any other aspect of development, European monarchies like Sweden, Spain, Great Britain and other, have always been leaders in social development. Serbia, as long as it had been monarchy in different forms, always went firmly ahead and was never behind those European countries. Today, when she is off that course, she is where she is, I think the condition Serbia’s in and the path she’s taking don’t need any comment. I simply believe that monarchy should be restored in Serbia.

Some people become monarchists, but I have always been a monarchist. Ever since I was born, and since I knew the world around me and myself, I only knew about monarchy, the system that, in the words of my parents and my relatives, was the only right solution for our country, for the young, to have a decent place to grow up and live in. So, as someone who has been that since the day I was born, I shall always be a monarchist!

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de Brantigny said...

Is it easy in Servia to be a monarchist?

In my country full of girondins and jacobins we are taught from youth to be secure republicans, it doesn't work well as you may see from the news.