Monday, January 26, 2009

Kings of Morocco and Jordan urge Obama to help

King Mohammed VI of Morocco sent a message of congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama on his own behalf and on behalf of the Moroccan people.

The monarch called on President Obama to take an active role in the Middle East, where „intensified efforts“ are called for „to reach a final, peaceful, comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the conflict in this region, that will end the tragedy of the Palestinian people and guarantee the right to create a viable independent state living in peace and harmony, with Israel.“

King Abdullah II of Jordan congratulated President Obama on the takeover of his responsibilities, telling him that he looked forward to working with him in addressing the region's issues.
The monarch stressed the need for resolving the Palestinian- Israeli conflict on the basis of the „two-state formula which provides the best way for achieving security and stability in the region“. He also „underscored the importance of an early involvement by the US administration in serious and effective negotiations“ that leads to the establishment of an independent Palestinian state as the earliest possible time, the Jordanian court statement said.

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Anonymous said...

good to hear this, Moroccan king asked many times to find real solutions to this issue, because every one can see that the potencial of the region will never rise, any way it's too comlex, and israel have interests to keep this problem 'life' to keep getting money from other donnor countris