Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Crown Princess Margarita Celebrated 60th Birthday

HRH Crown Princess Margarita of Romania celebrated her 60th birthday on March 26th in grand style. Her husband, Prince Radu has organised a dinner at the C.E.C. palace (Casa de Economii şi Consemnaţiuni) in Bucharest, that was attended by the family and many friends of the princess. Among them the Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, his wife Crown Princess Katherine, Archduke Domenic of Austria-Tuscany and Archdukes Martin and Lorenz of Austria-Este.

When the princess started a welcome speech to the guests she was still somewhat emotional by the surprise, as she shared with the guests. In her speech the princess thanked her guests for coming and especially welcomed Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, who is in a similar situation as the Romanian royal family. The crown princess’ parents King Michael and Queen Anne were also present as were two sisters of the Princess and her nephew and niece.

The birthday celebrations lasted three days, on Friday the guests made a tour at the royal estate of Sinai, where they visited Pelesh and Pelishor castle. Later that day they attended a performance at the Ateneul Roman, the concert building in Bucharest.


Anonymous said...

I really wish that Romanian politicians would,for a few moments, put aside power needs and restore the Monarchy. King Michael and the Romania people deserve this.

As far as the need for an heir is concerned this can be worked out in the restoration procedures. Margarita is a loyal daughter and deserves to be the heir. Her heir can also be decided at that time.

It will be a constitutional Monarchy. No politician need worry. The King should only be the representative of his nation

Монархистичка Иницијатива said...

Trăiască Regele!
Trăiască Principesa Margareta!