Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I am a monarchist (10)

Dragiša Jocić

It is my opinion that parliamentary monarchy is the only way, and our genetic code, that will lead Serbia to a better future and prosperity. I believe now is the right moment to achieve this goal. After the WW2, Serbia lost a true head of state, and she is still without one – although we could easily have a true head of state – His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander II Karadjordjevic. I see no reason to keep having false heads of state, and one can see that a candidate for the position is not wasting time, we just can’t allow that to happen, I think today we have a unique chance that we mustn’t miss. Serbia today has no true political alternative and no hope for the future, which is very dangerous, for it can in no time erupt into anarchy or dictatorship, which is the reason why we must work very wisely to give hope and alternative to our citizens, and I mean honest and real hope and alternative – reestablishment of parliamentary monarchy. Our final goal is to establish a system of values, to promote democracy, without abusing it. People who should work on this goal must exemplify democratic values and importance of parliamentary monarchy in achieving this goal, which for sure leads to Serbia’s progress.

The Royal Family has done so much for Serbia and Serbian people, without fanfare. Having in mind our mentality, this sort of approach must be changed, and although I am aware that the Karadjordjevics wish to have a calm, unassuming and gradual approach, circumstances have changed, and it really does not depend so much on them anymore. Simply, it can very easily happen that they remain stuck in the status they currently have, and that the idea of the Kingdom of Serbia vanishes like a soap bubble. I am deeply convinced that we must enter the EU as a kingdom, for it is only the Kingdom of Serbia that will be able to retain political and economic independence, while becoming a member of the European Union.


Philip said...

Well said! I would add one comment though. Your initial statement about the possibility of a sudden dictatorship taking hold is a very valid one. Serbia's political environment is simple too unstable with the nationalist conflicts which simply won't go away. A monarch who is respected by the majority can be a strong aid to democracy. While Monarchs originally stood as the bars against democracy now, more often than not, Western Monarchs are the guardians of democracy. Take for instance King Juan Carlos I of Spain. On February 23, 1981 a group of military leaders who longed for the days of Franco stormed the Spanish Cortes Generales (Parliament) and held the deputies hostage. They declared a new government: a militant, fascist and antidemocratic dictatorship. The militants assumed the King would acquiesce to their demands but instead His Majesty got on television and broadcast to the nation, wearing his military uniform as Captain General of the Armed Forces and condemned the Coup, calling for democracy to be restored and the Spanish Constitution to be supported and upheld. Did he have to do this? No. There were enough fascist sympathizers and the military was powerful enough that he could have easily allowed the fascists to take back over but he held true to the decision he had made when Franco died to transition Spain into a Democracy. King Juan Carlos I is not only credited with making the transition from Francoism to Democracy a smooth one but his speech on the night of the coup is seen as what truly ended it and restored Spain back to calm. I firmly believe the HRH the Crown Prince Aleksandr Karadordevic would do the same. He is a man of strong, fine character and a very vocal proponent of democracy. His role as Head of State would allow him to act as a Steward of Democracy in Serbia, protecting it from those who would do it harm by unifying his people under one symbol, one Sovereign who would lead his people in the direction of peace and prosperity and away from chaos and its war torn past. Let him be the beginning of a new era for Serbia. Let Serbia's century of violence come to a close by restoring what was lost when it started. Allow the Karadordevic Dynasty to be the alpha and the omega of Serbian chaos. They were there before the decent into chaos, let them be there to lead them out of it and into a brilliant new future!

God Save Serbia and God Save Her King!
May His Reign Come Soon and Long May He Reign!


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radical royalist said...

The EU could certainly do with another crowned member state. I would like to see Serbia becoming a EU member and I wish to see Crown Prince Alexander proclaimed King Alexander II of Serbia.