Thursday, May 1, 2008


1. The purpose, the reason for establishing and primary goal of The Monarchist Initiative is re-establishment of constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia, with the hereditary monarch from the Karadjordjevic Dynasty, according to the current Family Rules of the Royal House.

2. All activities of The Monarchist Initiative are founded on respect for all citizens regardless of their ethnic or religious background and political orientation. Those activities will never be poised against any individual or group of citizens.

3. Through its activities, The Monarchist Initiative will promote the spirit of good will, democracy, tolerance and respect.

4. Member organizations of The Monarchist Initiative are allowed to have members of political parties, but any promotion, direct or indirect, of party interests, goals and principles is strictly prohibited.

5. The Monarchist Initiative will continually act in Serbian and international public in order to prove to the Government and the citizens of Serbia, and to the whole world, the validity of its attitudes, and convey its strongest conviction that the constitutional parliamentary monarchy is a good way for Serbia’s future.

6. The Monarchist Initiative will further promote the public awareness that re-establishment of the Kingdom of Serbia represents the way to dismantle the decades long heritage of totalitarian regime, as well as to re-establish historical continuity of Serbian state and society.

7. The Monarchist Initiative will establish close cooperation with monarchists abroad and will keep pointing at the experiences of monarchies in government functioning, and their citizens’ standard of living.

8. The Monarchist Initiative will establish permanent contacts with the Diaspora and organize joint activities aimed at re-establishment of constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia.

9. The Monarchist Initiative will present all the results of its activities to the media, the Office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, the Advisory bodies of the Crown and to all of its member organizations.

10. By supporting re-establishment of illegally abolished monarchy, The Monarchist Initiative supports a peaceful and sustainable development of Serbian state.

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